Research evidence shows that psychotherapy is an effective treatment with most clients who are experiencing conditions such as depression and anxiety disorders.

In my work, I strive for an inclusive, safe environment for all clients, regardless of gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation. 

Psychotherapy/Counselling (including tele-psychology)

Psychotherapy/psychological counselling can help you: increase self-awareness (which allows for greater choice), change behaviour patterns, reduce symptoms of mental distress or illness, and improve functioning.
I offer psychotherapy/psychological counselling for problems/disorders including: anxiety, OCD, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, abuse/trauma, relationship issues, & coping with life stressors.

Psychological Consultations

Psychological consultations can be helpful for organizations that could benefit from the expertise of a Psychologist. Consultations may be sought for issues such as staff wellbeing, effects of a traumatic incident, or client care. My experience includes working in a consultative role with organizations working with refugee populations and with persons with developmental disabilities.

Psychological assessments

Psychological assessments include a clinical interview, validated psychological tests, a feedback session, and an assessment report. Psychological assessments may be helpful for the following issues: cognitive/intellectual functioning for career planning or for objective information on presenting problems; learning difficulties/learning disabilities, assessment of emotional/mental health symptoms/disorders.